Captain Lincoln A. Colcord

Capt. Lincoln A. Colcord standing at the taffrail of the ship State of Maine, taken by his daughter, Joanna Colcord while sailing off the Cape of Good Hope in 1900. The taffrail log ( the ship's speedometer) is spinning fast. Captain Colcord 's grin as he drives his ship at speed was certainly shared by his fellow Down Easter captains.

State of Maine was built in Newcastle in 1878 by Ebenezer Haggett for a consortium of Searsport captains who had two other Down Easters built by Haggett.

Captain James P. Butman

Capt. Butman was captain of the Searsport-built ship William H. Conner in 1891, which was but one of eight local vessels to sail to Australia just in the first quarter of 1889.

Captain's Cabin, Bark Harvard

Capt. Lincoln Alden Colcord's cabin on board the Boston owned bark Harvard. The woodwork was a product of her Newburyport builders, while the rattan furniture and other items were bought in China. At sea, much of this would be put away. Cabin interiors were built by special carpenters called joiners who often set up the paneling in a shop ashore.

This photograph was taken in 1894 when the ship was in port by Capt. Colcord's brother-in-law, Frederick Sweetser.


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