Routes to China during NE Monsoons

Map in book showing best sailing routes taken to go to the Far East, during the NE Monsoon season, from October to April.

From The Seaman's Guide to the Navigation of the Indian Ocean and China Sea by W.H. Rosser and J.F. Imray, 1867.

Crew of Sampan in Hong Kong

Photograph of sampan "crew" that served the ship State of Maine when it was in Hong Kong, taken by Joanna Colcord in 1900.

Fishing Fleet at Hong Kong

The Chinese fishing fleet at Green Island, Hong Kong photographed by Joanna Colcord on the State of Maine in 1900.

Manifest of Coolies

Manifest listing the names, ages, and occupations of 500 Chinese coolies shipped from Macao to Havana, Cuba aboard the ship Forest Eagle of Rockland.

Bill of Lading for Chinese Coolies

Bill of lading from ship Forest Eagle of Rockland, carrying 500 Chinese coolies from Macao to Havana, Cuba.

Coolie Master's Logbook

Coolie master's logbook documents the conditions and life of the 500 Chinese coolies shipped from Macao to Havana, Cuba aboard the ship Forest Eagle of Rockland. This entry notes that one coolie received a dozen lashes on the hand for whipping a small boy. Also, some coolies are put in irons for being part of a scheme to poison the Europeans aboard ship. Read the full logbook text under Special Features on this website.

Rose Medallion Plate

Chinese Rose Medallion platter brought back by the Dow/Eaton family of Searsport.

Chinese Ceramic Tea Bowl and Saucer

Chinese export ceramic tea bowl and saucer, with scalloped blue and white border and enameled decoration. Design has Mandarin man and his lady at the tea table and a boy at the window.

Chinese Tea Box

Chinese tea box, decorated with two horses on front. Bottom reads "Per Mails Steamer, Choicest Specialty Selected First Crop Lap Sang Souchong." By the time this tea was exported, the fastest way to get tea from China was by fast steamship, the same steamship that carried the mail. The days of racing to England with the fresh tea crop under sail were gone.

Chinese Export Ceramic Teapot

Chinese export ceramic teapot, with a scene showing people playing with a dog.


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