Model Lobster Boat

Model of a 32-foot v-bottom Maine lobster boat from the 1970s. Includes hauling gear, two lobster traps, gaff, bait barrel, sorting table, and steadying sail.

Maine State Seal Carving

The Maine State Seal, painted wood carving. The carving depicts a mariner and a farmer around a picture of the Maine State tree, the White Pine. Above these is the Maine State motto, "Dirigo," which means "I lead" in Latin.

Lobster Pot Buoys

Each warp or line coming up from a pot or two on the bottom of the sea ends at a lobster pot buoy on the surface. Originally these buoys were cut with a hatchet from a small spruce trunk. Once laths became available, fishermen could turn buoys from larger pieces of wood. Small wood shops could make them in quantity for sale. Now buoys are hard foam.

Lobster Measuring Gauge

Lobster measure, for measuring the carapace, or body shell, of the lobster. The shorter measure is 3 1/4", and that is the minimum allowable size of the carapace; the maximum is 5". If the lobster carapace is between these two lengths, and the lobster is not an egg-bearing female, it may be kept. Otherwise, the lobster must be thrown back. This measure has a float attached to it, so that it won't sink if dropped overboard.

Lobster Claw Bands

Small wide rubber bands are used hold the large claws of the lobster closed, in order to keep lobsters from hurting each other when stored or shipped together. Before rubber bands, lobster fisherman whittled plugs that could be inserted into a lobster's claw to prevent them from opening.

Lobster Boat Genevieve

Originally named Buddy & Sylvia, the 33-foot lobster boat Genevieve had a long life, working from 1950 to the late-1990s. Originally, it had no shelter other than a piece of canvas over hoops to keep the engine dry. Later, a deckhouse was added, complete with Beals Island-style diamond ports.

Japanese Vases

Japanese lacquer decorator vases, with three acrobats done in gold, black and blue. Three feet on base.

Japanese Vase

Japanese ceramic vase, decorated with five men in each scene. Satsuma.

Japanese Tea Pot

Ceramic Japanese tea pot, decorated with birds, flowers, and a distant town.

Japanese Table

Japanese wood table with intricate colored mother-of-pearl inlays.


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