Baby on Shipboard with a Seaman who is Repairing a Sail

Some documents suggest that the baby might be Joanna Colcord, from Searsport, who was born at sea in the South Pacific in 1882.

Bos'n or Boatswain aboard Ship

The bos'n or boatswain was in charge of maintenance of the rigging on shipboard. Sun and tar stain his hands. Clothing is nothing special; the look of loose wrinkled wool or cotton seems strange today. Sometimes the bos'n was also a third mate.

Carpenter and Cook aboard Ship

A carpenter and a cook aboard ship. The carpenter holds his plane, while the cook has on an apron and holds a pan. The carpenter on a larger ship did not stand watch but helped handle the ship when needed. The cook was paid more than most crew members, but had a very long day of work, from about 5 or 6 in the morning till around 8 in the evening, preparing food and hot coffee for the two watches of the crew in addition to the captain and any family and mates. The cook also helped out when needed in ship operations, though he did not stand a watch.

Crew Taking up New Topsail on the Bark Carrie Winslow

The crew climbs the rigging, going up the ratlines, as they bring up a new topsail to be "bent on" or attached to the yard. The photograph was taken by the captain's daughter, Ruth Montgomery, aboard the bark Carrie Winslow in 1898.

Captain Lincoln Alden Colcord Relaxing

Capt. Lincoln Alden Colcord relaxes on a divan in the captain's cabin aboard the ship State of Maine, as photographed by his daughter, Joanna, in 1899.

Captain Wylie R. Dickinson and Family aboard Ship Aryan

Launched in Phippsburg in 1893, the Bath owned Aryan was the last wooden full-rigged ship to be built in America. The ship's first captain was Capt. Wylie R. Dickinson, seated on the left in this carefully posed photograph. To his left are his wife and daughter.

Landing at Sunda Strait

Landing a boat at Sunda Strait, photographed by Joanna Colcord aboard the ship State of Maine in 1900. Sunda Strait is the passage between Java and Sumatra, and it is the gateway between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

Crew of Sampan in Hong Kong

Photograph of sampan "crew" that served the ship State of Maine when it was in Hong Kong, taken by Joanna Colcord in 1900.

Fishing Fleet at Hong Kong

The Chinese fishing fleet at Green Island, Hong Kong photographed by Joanna Colcord on the State of Maine in 1900.

Captain Lincoln A. Colcord

Capt. Lincoln A. Colcord standing at the taffrail of the ship State of Maine, taken by his daughter, Joanna Colcord while sailing off the Cape of Good Hope in 1900. The taffrail log ( the ship's speedometer) is spinning fast. Captain Colcord 's grin as he drives his ship at speed was certainly shared by his fellow Down Easter captains.

State of Maine was built in Newcastle in 1878 by Ebenezer Haggett for a consortium of Searsport captains who had two other Down Easters built by Haggett.


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